Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015

Hello! For a rainy day it sure was vibrant inside the walls of ELJHS!

Both social studies 9 B and D wrote a short quiz about the three branches of the federal government system.  This was a FORMATIVE assessment, meaning it did not count toward your grade.  This was a way for you and I both to know how well you are understanding the material! Well done everyone.

Due to the unfortunate weather, PE 9 CD was unable to head to Fred John's Park to do a practice run of the Conroy Classic which is on Thursday.  The students were still able to train by completing the 12 minute run.  The run will be marked out of 34, so if you did 34 laps you will receive 100%! This was very well done, ladies!

PE 9 AB and EF played "no rules volleyball", a fun version of the sport that encourages fun and cooperation.

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