Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 10, 2015

Grade 9 B and D had a short class discussion about current events.  We discussed the ongoing federal election: who is projected to win? who is running in our constituency (Edmonton-Wetaskiwin)? Who has been visiting Edmonton and what promises have they been making? Your "Weekly News" work book is due next day 6, September 21.  Remember that current events make up 10% of your final grade! This includes the weekly news as well as your participation in class discussions!

9D your introduction web is due tomorrow at the beginning of class! 

I finally got to meet 8F for Health today! We discussed what they have to expect in health for the year.  They also provided anonymous suggestions for topics they might be interested discussing in health.  Some popular choices were careers, nutrition, and self-confidence.  These will absolutely be included in our course! Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

Phys Ed CD and EF ran "the block" (the perimeter of the school grounds) and then honed in on their soccer skills!

EF we will be heading to Fred John's Park tomorrow during our double block for a practice at the Conroy Classic cross country run! 

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