Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11, 2015

Welcome to another Friendly Friday!

To kick things off today the grade 9 girls phys ed AB played an awesome game of capture the football (similar to capture the flag) with the boys class.  Great effort today, girls!

The girls from phys ed 9 EF did a practice conroy classic run over at Fred John's Park.  I was extremely impressed with the effort all of the girls put into the run.  Let's beat those times on Thursday when we run the Conroy for real!

SWAT AM continued to work on bulletin boards, they are finally starting to come together! They also helped get odd jobs done for the Conroy Classic.  Remember to start thinking of spirit days!

Social Studies B, here are your instructions to join text remind! If you do not have a phone you can ask your parents to join as well.  Parents, this is an app that allows me to send text message reminders from the computer rather than using my personal phone number.  If you are interested in joining here are the instructions:

Social Studies 9 D, here is your code and message to send:

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Can't wait to see you all on Monday.

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