Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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A new school year, a new set of blog posts!

The first couple of weeks have been spent getting to know each other and getting back into the swing of things.

Social Studies 9C/9H have already written a quiz on the three branches of the federal government.  Marks will be on power school next week.

Social Studies 8A has been working hard to uncover the concept of worldview - they have quickly discovered that their life experiences, knowledge, ideas, culture, friends, family and MANY more factors have helped to shape their own view of the world.

Language Arts 7A/7D  have been working on their first writers notebook entry, "100 things I love".  This list of 100 of their favorite things will serve as a reference point/inspiration for their journal entries throughout the year.  They should now be done the list and are working on creating a poster which visually represents these things.  These posters are due tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 14 for 7A, and Thursday, September 15 for 7D.

Our ELJHS SWAT team has been busy getting ready for the 40th annual "Conroy Classic" (Terry Fox Run) will take place in the afternoon of the 15th.  Homerooms are collecting "Toonies for Terry" in support of the Terry Fox Foundation.  We will keep collecting toonies until the end of September.  The homeroom that raises the most money will receive a pizza lunch from SWAT!

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